Beauty on a Budget #1: Outfits

38 days.

In 38 days I will be moving into my tiny college dorm that will be home for the next year. Now, if there’s anything I’ve been told about college it is that it makes all your money seemingly disappear — pretty fast too. Since I’m a gal who will have to be budgeting her money for now on, I decided to make this series where I show how I style outfits, find makeup dupes, etc. all on my budget! I’m hoping this series can be helpful for other college gals experiencing the same “broke college kid” problem.

Outfit #1


Okay so fun fact: I used to work at American Eagle so no surprise this whole outfit is from there. I love how flowy this white shirt is, but also how it’s fitted at the top. These jeans are also a must, as the color of the denim matches almost any top & it has a cute distressed detailing. Lastly, the laced up shoes are so comfortable! They’re the only pair of heels I own that I feel like I could walk around in for hours! Shirt ~$30 (AE), Jeans ~50 (AE), Shoes ~45 (AE), not too bad for pieces that’ll last years!

Outfit #2


So this outfit is still one of my favorites! I love anything that is b&w striped and the off the shoudler ruffle made it impossible for me to say no to buying this shirt! This black skirt is also a good staple to have, and will be an awesome piece to have for game day this fall (scratch ’em cats). These shoes I did splurge on a bit because I also wore them to prom, but they honestly go with everything I own so I know I’ll get my moneys worth! Shirt ~$24 (AE), Skirt ~$40 (Free People, but got from a local boutique for less), Shoes ~80 (Steve Madden).

Outfit #3


Looking at these pictures actually make me a bit sad because this shirt was my absolute favorite until I left it in Abilene during orientation…hopefully the hotel will call me back saying they found it (fingers crossed). Anyways, I love this peplum style shirt because of the satin detailing — I think it’s super unique and flattering. These white jeans are so comfortable on, and everyone needs a good pair of white jeans. Also, these wedges are so easy to walk in it’s unbelieveable, I wore them to graduation to ensure I wouldn’t trip haha! Shirts ~$35 (Zara), Jeans ~$50 (AE), Shoes ~$45 (BP at Nordstroms).


Well I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I loved writing it, and hopefully you got some inspo on some outfits that are pretty cute and kind on your wallet!


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