DIY Dorm: Chalk Mason Jar Decor

My roomie just texted me some pretty frightening & exciting news: move in day is in a month. Summer just flew by, and although I have bought majority of the must-have items I need for my dorm, I’m still in need of some decor to give the space a home-like feeling! Now nothing about college is cheap, but finding opportunities to save is key. Why spend $40 ordering painted mason jars from Etsy, when I could do it myself? This step-by-step DIY chalk mason jar decor guide will leave you with a cute way to spice up your dorm room without breaking your wallet!


-4 pint sized mason jars

-4 FolkArt Home Decor 2 oz. chalk paint bottles in different colors (click here for a link!)

-1 can of Krylon Matte Finish  (click here for a link)

-A paint brush

Prep work space:

I’m sure you’ve all heard the saying, “Better to be safe than sorry”, so before we dive into this DIY project, I’d suggest laying newspaper down on your work area to protect it!

Step 1:

Take one of your pint sized mason jars and remove the lid that comes on top of it. Then place your mason jar upside down on the newspaper. Next is the fun part, choose one of your chalk paints and apply a even coat all around the mason jar! Once you do that, let the mason jar sit for at least two hours. If you don’t let the paint completely dry, when you try to apply another coat it’ll mess up the first one and ruin your progress!

Step 2:

After giving the first coat an appropriate amount of time to dry, go ahead and apply a second coat. If you’re using a darker chalk paint you will only need two coats of paint on your jar. However, if you’re using a pastel color you will need three coats of paint on your jar to prevent it from looking streaky. After you’ve finished painting, give your jar a few more hours to dry.

Step 3:

Once you’ve completely finished painting your jar, and allowed it to dry, spray a layer of the matte finish to add a protective coating. If you want to be extra safe, apply one more layer of the finish to your jar once the first coat has dried. I love this matte finish because it leaves the jars looking clean, and protects the paint without adding a yellow tint!  Repeat steps 1-3 until you’ve painted and protected all of your jars.

*optional* use some sandpaper to create a distressed look on your jars once you’ve finished steps 1-3!

Step 4:

Find something to put in your jars! You could use these cute jars to hold your makeup brushes, store pens/pencils on your desk, or even fill them with fake flowers to add a little color to your room. These jars are really versatile so fill them with whatever your heart desires!

After I finished the pint sized mason jars, I went ahead and brought two little jars from the dollar section at my target to DIY to hold cotton balls and Q-tips in my dorm bathroom!

To DIY these, I used left over chalk paint and tape to create a design! Just tape the part you want to leave clear, and then paint over the remaining area to create a design. I really recommend using tape because it creates super straight lines & makes clean up super fast and easy! Once you’re done spray a protective matte finish coating and you’ve got yourself some cute bathroom decor!

Have any of y’all tried to DIY any dorm/home decor? If not, give this tutorial a try and tell me how it goes!






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