My Go-To Hair Care Products

When I was in middle school, I read online  that the key to achieving gorgeous locks was to brush your hair 100 times a day. We all know how everything on the internet is true, so of course my twelve-year-old self gave it a try. Now, I know this might come as a shocker, but constantly brushing my hair honestly didn’t change much, and in fact it just made my arms tired. I didn’t know it at the time, but this experience began my hair care journey. Although I don’t typically use high-end products (remember this is a college + lifestyle blog…I’m a broke college kid), I do put effort into keeping my hair healthy. So, here is a list of products I use regularly to keep my hair tamed!

*My hair is pretty manageable: it isn’t really curly or straight, it doesn’t usually get frizzy unless it’s raining, and it takes a few days to get oily. I do apply heat to it often though, so I use products to help with that.*


I’m one of those people who like to switch up shampoo and conditioner every once in a while. I find myself always switching between Pantene and Herbal Essences, which I buy from Walgreens. Both brands leave your hair smelling incredible, provide numerous benefits, and are available in a family size/liter, which often gives you more product for your money. Even my hair stylist uses Pantene!

Dry Shampoo

I try to wash my hair every few days, as it’s healthier for my hair, so on the days I skip washing it I use dry shampoo. Until recently I’ve only used the brand Batiste’s dry shampoo, but I switched over to an organic dry shampoo by a company called Raw Form Beauty. I really like how the product is natural and free of parabans, sulfates, and dyes. This dry shampoo is powdered, but the brush Raw Form Beauty offers for  application really helps the user to work it into the hair, and it leaves my hair feeling soft and oil-free!

*If you want to try out the Raw Form Beauty dry shampoo, use my code “AlexisJ” for 20% off!!*

Leave-In Product

I typically use two leave-in products and switch between the two: It’s A 10 and Living Proof’s Perfect Hair Day 5-In-1 Styling Treatment. It’s A 10 helps to hydrate hair, eliminate frizz, enhance natural body, restore shine, etc. The Living Proof product is pretty similar, I just love switching up products every few days! I use the products by working it from my roots to the tips of my hair after I shower. Plus, I frequently braid my hair before I go to bed to wake up with waves, and these products make my waves look natural and prevent them from becoming frizzy! Now both of these products are a bit pricey for my normal range, but they typically last me 6+ months.


I received the Obliphia hair serum in the mail a few months ago and have absolutely loved it! I put this product on the ends of my hair every other day, and it’s really helped to repair my split ends and hydrate my hair!

Heat Protectant

I’m someone who uses heat on my hair pretty often. Rather is be curling, straightening, or blow drying I always end up incorporating heat. Since using hot tools on your hair frequently can damage it, I’ve started using heat protectant religiously. My current favorite is L’Oreal’s Blow Dryj It heat protectant! This product smells absolutely amazing and leaves my hair looking really shiny!

These are the current hair care products I have been using & I’ve really loved them all! I hope y’all enjoyed reading this blog post!

What are your favorite hair care products?

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