Back To School Essentials

Hey y’all & happy Saturday! Since this is my last weekend in Austin before I head off to college I decided to put together a list of essential school supplies for any student heading back to school!

For this blog post I partnered with a company called Graphique de France! They kindly let me pick products from their back to school collections to try out and I included them in this post for y’all because I absolutely love their cute school supplies! Honestly, I’ve loved school supplies since I was little — like seriously back to school shopping is pretty much a holiday to me.

Agenda: “She Dreams In Full Color” agenda by Graphique de France

gouybou ytya.jpg

Every year I always get a new weekly agenda to help me stay organized. Honestly, if I don’t write down what I need to get done and by when, I won’t do it. In high school I’d buy overpriced agendas, like Lilly Pulitzer, until I had to start buying school supplies on my own and decided a $40 agenda wasn’t worth it. These things get used daily, and tossed around, so I went on a hunt for a pretty and cheap agenda. What I like about this agenda by Graphique is that it’s cute and also reasonably priced. Like seriously this agenda has tons of pages for weekly planning, notes, calendars, etc. and is only $15.99. You really can’t beat that deal!

Pencil Pouch: “The Fun Stuff” pencil pouch by Graphique De France


As you could probably guess, my obsession with school supplies means I have an excessive(ly necessary) amount of pens/pencils. Having a cute pencil pouch makes it easy to carry my rainbow of pens around with me! I absolutely love this zip pouch because you could also use it as an accessory to carry make up in if you need to touch it up throughout the day, or throw it in your carry on with other “fun stuff” you find yourself using on the daily. It’s cute and versatile, which is the perfect combo if you ask me.

Folders: “Sparkle, Shine, and Dream” folders by Graphique De France


*not pictured: Navy and Gold “Dream” Folder

Personally, I love file folders and they’re a great organizational tool. Typically, I have one folder per class to keep important papers, such as a syllabus, in. I really like the gold accent and brushstoke detailing these folders have! These are great for storing homework assignments, receipts, bills, important papers, loose leaf paper, etc. in! A pack of these folders includes 9 folders, with 3 of each color.

Notebook(s): “Make Things Happen” striped notebook by Graphique De France


Notebooks are without a doubt a back to school essential. Rather you use them for class notes or to-do lists, they make organization easy, and this particular notebook makes it fun! I love the little inspirational saying on the front and the gold embellishment detailing! I actually turned this notebook into an agenda for my blog so I can keep up with it during the school year.

The supplies pictured above was sent to me by Graphique De France, and I’m excited to use it this upcoming semester! I honestly recommend checking out their website ( because they sell quality products for reasonable prices!

What are your back to school essentials?



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