photography feature: makayla ann

for thanksgiving break i was lucky enough to go visit my family that lives down in georgia. i usually only get to see my family that live there once or twice a year, so when i visit i usually try to convince my cousins to let me take their pictures. Persuading them tends to be quite a mission for me, as video games seem to be a bit more entertaining than posing for an hour in the cold (psa: candy is great to use to bribe kids). this visit i was able to go on a shoot with my youngest cousin makayla. she is always fun to take pictures of because she photographs well, but also let’s her personality shine through the photos. it’s never a boring time with makayla, as she always finds a way to make you laugh until your stomach hurts. my favorite thing about these pictures is her star wars shirt. i told her she could pick out her own shirt as long as it’s cute & she came back wearing a star wars shirt. but hey, the photos turned out well so I can’t complain!

here’s a few of my favorite from the shoot:

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